Troubleshooting problems with a network share can be quite challenging; the protocols used are complex and trace volumes are often large. In this section of the TribeLab site we've gathered together useful resources to get you up and running with CIFS and SMB analysis.

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In this section we look at sources of network packets, how to run captures over prolonged periods, how to mark problem events in trace and log files, and how to pre-process the packet data ready for analysis.  We cover free TribeLab tools such as Wizz (for batch filtering trace files) and Trace Marker.  The section includes written guides and instructional videos.
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Capturing millions of packets is relatively easy, the question is what do you do with them once you have them?  In this section of the TribeLab site we cover network trace data analysis, or Deep Packet Inspection as it is often called.  In this section you'll find useful analysis tools (such as Wizz and TRANSUM) together with a comprehensive guide to network trace analysis and video briefings.
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Workflow-based Analysis of Wireshark Traces

In our Sharkfest 17 session, we looked at a new approach to packet analysis.  A recording of the session will be available soon.

Come on in to get your hands on the sample traces used during the session.