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Have you ever wished you could drive Wireshark like the Sharkfest experts? Workbench integrates tools and data with expert workflow and task automation to allow you to troubleshoot the way the pros do it.
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Sonar injects searchable markers into network traces, web logs and other diagnostic recordings at the precise moment that a problem occurs.
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TRANSUM adds powerful network and application performance analysis functions to Wireshark.  Here you'll find free Wireshark plugins, a detailed User Guide, sample traces and demonstration videos.
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In this section we present a series of instructional videos that introduce the use of Microsoft Process Monitor (procmon).
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PCoIP is the protocol used by VMware Horizon solution to connect user devices to an ESX VDI platform.  This plugin dissector adds PCoIP protocol support to Wireshark.
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This section of the website contains resources and information relating to the Syncro Wireshark plugin.