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  • Introduction

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    It can be really difficult to find the packets in a trace that actually relate to a user's problem, particularly when that problem is intermittent.  Even if you filter the trace to extract the flows for an affected user, details of the precise time of the problem may be vague.  What would be useful is a distinctive marker packet in the trace that shows the exact time of the problem.


    Sonar is a trace marker tool that can be dropped onto any desktop; physical, virtual, PC or Mac.  When the user experiences a problem they simply click on a button.  Sonar sends the marker and logs the event.  Sonar can inject a marker into any TCP flow, and even into multiple flows concurrently.  And the marker can be found with any of your favorite network trace analyzers including Wireshark, Microsoft Message Analyzer, Viavi Observer Analyzer and Savvius OmniPeek Network Analyzer.

  • Deploying Sonar

    There are two options to setup Sonar for your users:

    Setting up Sonar is so simple.

    • Resources

      Here's some information that you may find useful when setting up network traffic captures.