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  • Network Trace Analysis Guide

    You've got a basic understanding of networking and you can drive Wireshark to a reasonable level (capture, display and filter).  You can mimic the tips and tricks that you've seen demonstrated on YouTube and you are keen to get the most out of Wireshark.  You're boss has asked you to take a look at a response time problem with an important business system.  You've successfully captured trace data from multiple points in the end-to-end system but you are struggling to analyze it.  Where do you start?  Which tips and tricks are applicable?  If this sounds familiar you've come to the right place.

    The Network Trace Analysis Guide describes a systematic way to analyze traces captured from a multi-tier system, and the other resources on this page provide further help and guidance.

  • Resources

    The Network Trace Analysis Guide electronic book in this course details a systematic way to carry out network trace analysis.  The guide refers to a number of techniques that are described in the book RPR: A Problem Diagnosis Method for IT Professionals, a copy of which we include here for completeness.

    •  Sharkfest 13 Workbook File 744.4KB PDF document