Sonar User Guide

Example Scenarios

Website with HTTPS (SSL)

Sonar (formerly known as Trace Marker) can be used to send a marker to an HTTPS (SSL/TLS) web service.  This video shows an example:

Because the tool is sending unencrypted data and not initiating the SSL handshake it breaks many SSL/TLS protocol rules.  Wireshark interprets the packet as Continuation Data.  It's important to note that the unique string that we include in the marker does not appear in the Info field.

Screenshot showing the Wireshark Search dialogue box.

However it does appear in the packet bytes and so we can still search for the unique string as long as we remember to check  Packet bytes option.

Because the marker is an invalid SSL packet we do not get an entry in the web log.  To overcome this we can set the marker tool URL to contain two values.

Trace Marker screenshot showing two URLs set

This causes Sonar to send two markers one with the unique string (https_test) visible in the network trace and another that will generate an entry with the unique string in the web server log.