Workbench 0.18 User Guide


Object Explorer

It’s often the case that data associated with an analysis task is spread over several storage areas such as our local disk and network shares.  The folder structures and the number of files in the folders can have a considerable impact on the time needed to undertake an analysis task.  Often this leads to lots of time spent navigating the file system with Windows Explorer to find the data needed for a particular task.

Diagram showing the mapping of objects to files.

Object Explorer enables the analyst to arrange the data in a way that makes sense for the job in hand, without having to move files or create copies.

The capabilities of Object Explorer are also key to further functionality:

  • Data Sets that allow Native and Guest tools to operate on a set of data objects (for example, files) as though they were a single object
  • Multi-format Objects where a single data object seamlessly represents multiple formats of the data

The purpose of Multi-format Objects will become clearer when we look at Transformers.