Workbench 0.18 User Guide

Object Explorer


The Object Explorer container is where we place all the data that we plan to use for a project.  We can think of this like a box of raw materials that we will use on our Workbench.  The items in the Object Explorer are laid out in a certain hierarchy:

  • Workspace – represented by the Object Explorer container itself and holding data for an entire project
  • Instance – contains the data for one study in the entire project
  • Data Type – contains data of the same type
  • Data Set – contains related files (e.g. multiple files generated by one run of a trace tool)
  • Data Object – a data file

These are the intended meanings of each container but we are free to use the containers in any way we wish.  Some containers have characteristics which will limit their use, but there remains a great deal of flexibility.  For example, if we were using Workbench in a Financial Forensics setting, a Workspace could contain all the data for one financial year, and Instances could be months within that year.