Workbench 0.18 User Guide

Object Explorer


Create a Workspace

To create a new Workspace click File -> New Workspace which will cause the New Workspace dialogue box to appear.

New Workspace dialogue box

Enter the name of your new workspace.  All files associated with a workspace are stored in a folder of the same name as the workspace.  This folder is in a top-level directory defined by the Location parameter.  You can enter any path here or browse to it with the Browse button.

Options dialogue

The default Location value is changed by an option setting.  Click on Tools ->Options.  The first field in the Options dialogue box is Projects location.  Changing this path changes the default path used in the New Workspace dialogue box.

Delete or Rename

A workspace is a primary container and holds all information relating to a project.  For this reason, a workspace cannot be deleted or renamed within Workbench.

A workspace can be successfully deleted using Windows Explorer.

Although a workspace can be renamed using Windows Explorer, this is not a supported operation.  Results will be unpredictable and in most cases it will simply not be possible to open the workspace.


A workspace can be successfully backed up and restored using an appropriate backup system or by simply saving a copy elsewhere.


Workbench provides a great way to share projects with friends, colleagues and suppliers through the Export Workspace facility.  Start an export with Menu -> File -> Export Workspace...

Export Workspace dialogue

When you click on the Export button, Workspace will:

  • Import any linked files into the Workspace
  • Create a zip file and add all the data files to it
  • Add any cached files to the zip
  • Add the workspace definition file (.wbws)
  • Save the resulting zip file to the workspace directory

The zip file name and save path can be changed as you can see in the dialogue above.


To import a workspace:

  • In the Workbench menu select File -> Import Workspace...
  • Navigate to the location of the exported workspace zip file

Import dialogue

When you click on the Open button, Workspace will:

  • Create a new workspace in the Projects folder
  • Save the data files into a data subfolder
  • Saved cached files into a cache subfolder
  • Saves the workspace definition file (.wbws) into the workspace folder
  • The imported workspace opens in the Object Explorer

If a workspace with the same name already exists, you will be offered options.

Import Options dialogue