Workbench 0.18 User Guide


Add a Transformer

To start the procedure to add a new Transformer click on the Add/Edit Transformers icon with a yellow star in the top left corner of the Transformers container.

Transformer creation button.

This will launch the Transformers dialogue box.

Transformer dialogue.

Click on the label Click here to add a new item to invoke the Transformer Detail dialogue.

Dialogue to add a Transformer

Enter or browse for the path to the program (executable) that will form the basis of the Transformer.  In the example above, this Transformer will be based on the relog function.

Transformer profile list.

In the Profiles area, click on the icon with the yellow star to add a Transformer Usage Profile.

Transformer Usage Profile

Transformer usage profile dialogue.

In the Transformer Usage Profile set the fields as follows:

Parameter Value


The name of this profile.  If two Transformers are available for the same input extension/output extension pair, Workbench will prompt the user to choose one.  The prompt will include the name specified here.


A meaningful description that can be used later for reference.


The command line arguments for the Transformer.  This can include variables such as %1, %2, etc.

Input Extension

The extension of the file type that this Transformer profile refers to.

Output Extension

The extension of the output file that is produced by this Transformer.

Direct Output To File

If the Transformer produces output to its stdout, checking this box will redirect that output to an output file.




The variable reference.


Whether this variable refers to the input file path, the output file path or a dynamic argument that is entered by the user at run time.

Description A description of the variable for easy reference.