Workbench 0.18 User Guide


Edit a Transformer

To edit a transformer, click on the Add/Edit button in the top left corner of the Transformers container.  When the Transformers dialogue appears click on the edit link for the transformer to be edited.

Transformer edit dialogue.

The details for the Transformer appear in the Transformer Details area.  The Name, Path and Icon can all be changed as required.

Transformer usage profile editing.

Transformer Usage Profiles can be edited in the following way: 

  • Click on the Profile to highlight it with a dark blue background
  • Click on the blue pencil icon
  • Make the changes required
  • Click Save to return to the Transformer dialogue
  • Click Save again to save all changes

See Transformer Usage Profile for details of the fields in the profile.

Deleting a transformer profile.

To delete a Transformer Usage Profile:

  • Click on the profile so that it is highlighted
  • Use the scroll bar just below to scroll to the right
  • Click on the red X