Workbench 0.18 User Guide


Resuming a Workflow at an Earlier Point

We may discover that we have made a mistake while we have been working through a workflow.  Perhaps all the discovery information (symptom, user, application, etc.) are correct but the wrong trace files have been studied.  Starting a new instance would work, but it would be better if we could resume the instance at the point where we went wrong.

Each step of a workflow instance includes a Delete button that can take us back to that point.

Screenshot showing the step Delete button.

In the example above, we have progressed through the workflow but then realized the IP address we entered is incorrect.  We can go back to that point in the workflow and click the Delete button.  This takes us back to the point where we enter the IP address and resets all steps from this point onward.

State of a workflow after deleting a step.

Because of the adaptive nature of a workflow, all later steps must be reset as the path through the workflow may have been affected by the IP address.