Workbench 0.18 User Guide



The data that you add to the Object Explorer is never copied or moved to anywhere other than the locations you specify.


The workflow engine is part of our cloud service.  All interactions with the cloud service are via an encrypted connection.  Answers to questions presented during the execution of a Workflow instance are sent to the workflow engine and stored in a database so that an instance can be resumed.  The Workflow instances are segregated with a security model that restricts access to your TribeLab Community account and TribeLab support staff.  Advance7 does not and will not make use of any information entered into the Workflow, and there is no need for TribeLab support staff to access this data in the course of delivering the service.

Tools & Transformers

All tools (Native and Guest) execute on the PC you are using for Workbench, as do all Transformers.  Therefore, these programs do not transfer data (input, intermediate or final) to anywhere other than the locations you have specified.