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Workbench NE 0.16.0

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Workbench NE 0.16.0
by Paul Offord - Wednesday, 10 May 2017, 10:49 PM

I'm really excited to announce the availability of our latest release of Workbench that includes some great new features:

  • Match - a native tool that matches packets from multiple Wireshark trace files captured at points along the network path (even with TSO and NAT interference)
    • Right click on the frame number in each row in the Match Grid, Wireshark starts and takes you straight to the correct packet - very cool
  • Quick Select - an option that produces tags on the desktop that allow you to move multiple files on and off the workpad with a single click
    • Useful when working with many files of multiple types
  • Output Routing - an option to automatically insert tool output files into the Object Explorer tree
    • Now there is no need to switch from Workbench to Windows Explorer to find data generated by a filter or merge job
  • Data Object Pop-ups - providing full file name and other details when you hover over an object on the workpad
    • It was difficult to identify files on the workpad if they had long file names - now we can see full details

Match isn't quite the full-blown Syncro feature that we had in Trace Matcher, we still have some work to do on that.  However, the matching is fast (33k matches from 90k packets in 54 seconds), and we have all of the other Trace Matcher features such as auto time offset adjustment, Match Grid filtering and matching conversation details.

Two other changes to report:

  • We've switched to the more traditional release notation of version.major_release.minor_release, where major_release indicates new features and minor_releases for bug fixes.
  • We now refer to objects in the  Object Explorer as Data Types, Data Sets and Data Objects rather than using the File prefix.  This is to prepare for the support of non-file data types.

I'm currently running Workbench User Interviews to help guide the future development.  I've contacted a number of people directly, and I'm very grateful to those who have agreed to an interview.  If I haven't contacted you and you are willing to do a 10-minute call with me, please email me at  Whether you love Workbench or hate it, have only used it once or use it every day, we need your feedback.

Have fun with the latest release.

Best regards...Paul

Paul Offord
TribeLab Project Leader