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Workbench NE 0.17.0 with Syncro

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Workbench NE 0.17.0 with Syncro
by Paul Offord - Friday, 16 June 2017, 6:45 PM

I need to start by thanking everyone who took part in the recent round of user interviews.  We got some invaluable feedback, and it's influenced our development priorities.  Although we haven't addressed everything raised yet, you'll see that we've made a start, with new features to simplify the user interface.

Yes - Syncro is back.  After demonstrating the technology at Sharkfest last year, it's satisfying to get this into Workbench just in time for Sharkfest this year.

We've also added very cool export and import features to allow you to package up a whole project and share it with a colleague.

For full details of the new features see

I love this new release of Workbench.  It's amazing just how powerful this tool is becoming, and we've got some more incredible stuff in the pipeline.

I hope you enjoy this release, and we'll continue in our quest to help you gain deep insight from diagnostic data.

Best regards...Paul