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Sonar trace marker tool has a new home

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Sonar trace marker tool has a new home
by Paul Offord - Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 9:34 AM


Tracking down the correct trace or log information for an intermittent problem can be really tough; millions of events and only a vague idea when the problem occurs.  Our marker technology helps here.  With the Sonar marker tool we can deliver a simple button to a user; when the problem occurs they click the button to deliver distinct Wireshark trace and log information.  There's no software to install and no complicated setup.  If you haven't looked at markers or Sonar yet, you are really missing out.  The tool is available to you right now.  No login or signup is needed.  The links are:

If you are already a user, please note the new location.  The old location has been retired.

Best regards...Paul