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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
by Paul Offord - Thursday, 17 May 2018, 5:29 PM


You're are probably getting rather tired of consenting to marketing lists but, unfortunately, we have to confirm your consent for us to send you notifications (forum posts, news, etc.).

With the complexity of a community of more than 1,500 specialists in 52 countries, we've decided to take a simple approach that works for everyone.  When you next login, you'll be asked to confirm that you accept our Privacy Policy and our website Terms of Use policy.  Once you've accepted the policies, you won't need to consent again unless we change them.  The policies explain our commitment to you regarding things such as the privacy of your personal data.

After 25th May 2018, we won't send you any notifications until you've accepted the policies.

Our privacy policy hasn't changed; we still do not share your personal data with anyone else.  You can selectively unsubscribe from anything on the site, and over the next few days we'll add a Privacy menu item that will help you control notifications and deal with related issues.

Best regards...Paul

Paul  Offord