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Workbench NE 0.19 now available

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Workbench NE 0.19 now available
by Paul Offord - Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 2:06 PM

It's with immense pride that I announce the availability to the latest release of Workbench.  We've listened to the Workbench users and improved the areas that they felt needed reworking.

The biggest change is a redesigned Object Explorer (OE).  We've removed all of the predefined data groupings (network traces, logs, etc.) and replaced them with a completely flexible container system - works just like Windows Explorer folders but much more powerful.  The OE remains the way we abstract objects from the underlying data.  This means that:

  • Data can reside anywhere but be grouped in a project in ways that best suits you
  • It avoids having to copy data from place to place and having to maintain multiple copies of data
  • You can drag a tool onto a data type not directly supported and let a Workbench transformer seamlessly translate the data

Abstraction like this is an important Workbench concept now, and will become even more important in future releases.

To make the OE a little more intuitive, the icon used to represent a data object matches the icon used by Windows to represent the underlying data type.  In short, the icon for a Wireshark trace data object looks just like the one used in Windows Explorer.

Two other new features worth mentioning.  You can now clone a Workspace - I find this particularly useful.  You can also create a Workspace template from an existing Workspace.

I think this new release is great - I hope you do too.

Best regards...Paul