Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us.  Here is our commitment to you regarding privacy.


Some areas of the TribeLab site are only accessible if you are a registered community member. To register we require:

  • Username - you may use any unused name and this is not visible to other users
  • Password - which is not visible to anyone including TribeLab support staff (the stored value is a hash)
  • First and Last Names - these are only visible to other users if you post an entry on a forum
  • Email Address - this is used to send notifications to you and is not visible to other users unless you change you profile setting to make it visible
  • Country - which we use to improve our targetting of events and may use in the future to help develop a multilingual site

Our Use of Registration Information

We use the email address to send notifications of forum updates, news and events associated with TribeLab. You may opt-out of any or all of these notifications.


Our site uses cookies to:

  • Enable correct operation of the site in terms of context and authorization
  • Generate site analytical data including the path taken through the site

We use Google Analytics for site statistics information and this does not provide visibility of the identity of individual users.

Sharing Information

We don't share any of the TribeLab registration or cookie-based information with other organisations.

We may carry advertising in the future and as such we may share with advertisers registration statistics, such as member demographics, but we won't share information about individuals. If you click through an advert on the TribeLab site and subsequently choose to register with an advertiser to receive information, we're sure you'll understand that we won't have any control over that registration information.

All information that you disclose in your public profile, in forum posts, comments, tracker, or other public portions of the site becomes public information.

Google Analytics

Our use of Google Analytics applies to registered users and guests.

We use Google Analytics to measure engagement with the site to inform decisions regarding content and improvements. We do not send any of your TribeLab user profile data to Google, although we're sure you understand that they have their own sources of data to identify you as an individual.

You can find Google's privacy policy here -

Other Usage Information

Various logs on the site record the following:

  • Site sections accessed
  • Pages accessed
  • Files downloaded
  • The date and time of the above activities

We process this information to:

  • Understand site usage so as to inform decisions regarding content and improvements
  • Customise notifications sent to you by the site
  • Customise advertising presented to you by the site

Our system logs also record the IP address of incoming requests. We may use this to monitor the site for correct operation and to debug a problem with the site.

Your Rights

We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and your rights are enshrined in this act. You rights can be summarised as:

  • The right to be forgotten – you can ask us to delete all personal data we hold for you.
  • Opt-out – you can ask to opt-out of any marketing activity.
  • Disclosure of information – where, on request, we will provide you with details of the personal data we hold for you.
  • Request amendments – you can request that we amend the data that we hold for you.

For full details of your rights see


We may amend this privacy policy from time to time. If we have an email address for you, we will notify you of changes to this privacy policy.

Further Information

If you have any further data protection questions that are not answered here, please send an email describing your concern to our Data Protection Officer at

Last modified: Thursday, 24 May 2018, 2:21 PM