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Have you watched a Sharkfest video and thought, "I wish I could do that"?  Well now you can with Workbench, the data analysis platform from TribeLab.

Workbench integrates data and tools with expert workflow so that you can maximize your use of tools like Wireshark.  It's like having a expert sitting alongside you, providing guidance every step of the way.


Data Access - Quick & Easy

Trace files are often not organized in the way we want them. Some files may be local while others are on shares. Workbench lets you organize the data in a way that suits you.

Object explorer


Drag and drop

Intuitive Interface

Drag the data onto a workpad. Drag the tool onto the data. What could be simpler?


Use Your Favorite Tools

Drag Excel onto a packet trace file and it opens. Drag Wireshark onto a web log and it opens too. This is the power of Workbench Transformers.



Get Expert Help

Note quite sure how to do something? Let Workbench guide you with its integrated workflow system. We've modeled the practices of some of the best brains in the field of network analysis and encapsulated their techniques in adaptive workflows.


Automated Tasks

Workbench has a growing number of automated tasks that cut the time needed for many operations from hours to seconds.


Open Platform

User interface screenshot

Workbench is an open platform.  This means that you can:

  • Add any tool to your Workbench Toolbox
  • Define your own data transformations via a simple interface
  • Define your own workflows or tap into community and commercial libraries

This makes Workbench very flexible.


Last modified: Friday, 25 May 2018, 1:50 PM