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Diagram showing RTE components


Some Wireshark dissectors provide response time measurement values, but what gets measured is not ideal for performance analysis work. The TRANSUM plugin takes performance analysis to a whole new level and comes as standard with Wireshark 2.4.0 onwards.

TRANSUM works with almost all TCP and UDP protocols over IPv4 or IPv6, and includes support for packets encapsulated in GRE, such as traffic from a Cisco ERSPAN session.

TRANSUM delivers a response time breakdown for HTTP, HTTPS, Windows Fileserver SMB2, Microsoft SQL TDS, Oracle SQL TNS, .NET Remoting, SOAP, DCE-RPC (including MS-RPC used by Microsoft Exchange), Kerberos, FTP, TELNET, DNS and many proprietary protocols.


Screenshot of RTE data

When a client process, such as Internet Explorer, sends an application request message, say an HTTP POST to a web server, there are four elements of the overall response time:

  • APDU Response Time - the total time the client must wait for completion of the request
  • Service Time - the time it takes for the service to process the request
  • Request Spread - the time needed to transport the whole request APDU from the client to the service
  • Response Spread - the time needed to transport the whole response APDU from the service to the client

Wireshark's response time figure (time since request or time from request) is a measurement of either first request packet to first response packet time, or last request to last response. These measurements don't provide the APDU Response Time, Service Time, or one of the Spread values.

TRANSUM provides all four Response Time Elements, powerful filtering options and a quick way to match front-end response times to back-end service delays.




Even Better Support

We've worked hard to improve the documentation, tutorials and support for TRANSUM. We've grouped everything together in one area together with community tools to help users share ideas and report bugs. Simply sign in and you get instant access to all of the TRANSUM resources. If you are not already a registered member of the TribeLab community you can create an account in less than a minute, totally free of charge.

TRANSUM Use Case:  Slow Web Application



TRANSUM Use Case:  Slow File Server



The SharkFest Session

Paul's TRANSUM presentation at SharkFest '15 was very popular. Unfortunately the recording of the session all went wrong, but there's good news. Those nice people over at LMTV let Paul re-run the presentation in two parts on the Wednesday night show. Best of all the sessions were recorded and you can view them right now.

Part 1


Part 2

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