RPR Process Monitor


RPR Process Monitor screenshot


If you use RPR problem diagnosis method, you'll be aware of the process at its core.  The RPR Process Monitor is a fully interactive process map that helps you track the progress of an investigation and share the status with stakeholders through a secure link.

Workbench.  It will also inject identifiable entries into web and application server logs.

Not only does the process monitor give you and stakeholders an immediate dashboard style progress report, everyone involved can drill down to see who did what, when they did it and the issues that were encountered.


Immediate Access

If you are already a member of the TribeLab Community, you can get immediate access to the RPR Process Monitor right now through this link.  If you're not already a community member click here and follow the prompts. Sign up is quick, easy and free of charge.





Last modified: Wednesday, 27 April 2016, 12:03 PM